Hello. My name is PRAY-E.

Would you like me to pray for the human race?


The Question

What can we learn from prayers written by a computer program? Or what does a computer program learn about prayers from us?

PRAY-E, a name that referenced a well-known animated robot, is a primitive, quirky program that attempts to write a cohesive prayer based on a dataset of edited and curated prayers from sermons, liturgies, and writers.

How it works

PRAY-E uses Markov chains to generate the prayer. You can find a much better explanation here.

The project is inspired by John Dyer's Worship Song generator. The heart of the generator is a JS port of Markovify. And the code is based on the Markov's incubator by Eliot Andres available here.


- Dataset: 78 as of May 8, 2020

- Edited sentence structures and writing styles of the prayers in the dataset.

- Adding more prayers to datasets and considering how they are organized.


By Calvin Sun

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